JBN Dr John Bosco Nizeyi collage

Gorilla Doctors announces the retirement of its long-standing Capacity Development Coordinator, Dr. John Bosco Nizeyi.

Dr. Nizeyi (called “JBN” by his Gorilla Doctors colleagues) served the Gorilla Doctors for 25 years. He first served as our Uganda field veterinarian and then shifted to Makerere University in Kampala. At Makerere, JBN was in charge of ensuring that young veterinarians who are passionate about wildlife are taught, trained and mentored, so that Gorilla Doctors and our partners in the region would always have an incredible pool of highly-skilled wildlife veterinarians to tap into. Most recently, JBN has been instrumental in leading an innovative program that enrolls working veterinarians in the Master’s degree program in Wild Animal Resource Management, thanks to the generous support of the Houston Zoo. JBN will continue as a faculty member at Makerere University.

JBN has shaped and influenced the career paths of dozens of young wildlife veterinarians in the region, including many of Gorilla Doctors’ own veterinarians. Here’s what two of our veterinarians had to say about their mentor:

Many thanks to JBN and kudos to his tremendous work for the gorillas, education, and conservation in general. I am pretty sure so many people out here who have had a chance to either work with him or pass through his lectures, guidance and advice will always have him as their role model.  – Dr. Methode

There are no words to truly reflect how much we will miss you. I cannot forget that you are the one who introduced me to the world of wildlife. That day you introduced me, I cannot forget. Just wanted to say that I found so many of your ideas inspiring. It’s hard to imagine the Gorilla Doctors family without you! Wish you all the best. – Dr. Ricky

Thank you JBN!