Gorilla Orphan Guardianship™

The Gorilla Doctors are the dedicated veterinarians for four critically-endangered mountain gorilla orphans: Ndakasi, Ndeze, Maisha, and Matabishi. You can directly support their vital on-going medical care by becoming their Gorilla Orphan Guardian.

Quality care for orphan gorillas is an expensive and time consuming endeavor for the Gorilla Doctors. Each year, it costs an average of $480 for baby formula for each infant gorilla, $1200 for food for each adult gorilla, $5,400 for each gorilla caretaker, and $12,000 annually to maintain the gorilla care facility.  

Becoming an orphan guardian can help the Gorilla Doctors offset these expenses.

Your one-year Guardianship includes a downloadable photo certificate of your chosen gorilla to proudly display and enjoy on your computer's desktop.

Ndakasi, Ndeze, Maisha, and Matabishi need your caring support. Please become their Gorilla Orphan Guardian today!


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