Please enjoy some recent images of Sabyinyo group. The group was visited twice in April to assess the health of 2 infants (Umuhati and Ubusabane) who were reportedly had skin lesions on their hands and feet. The last veterinary assessment reported signs of significant improvement on both infants without necessitating a veterinary intervention. A follow-up visit took place on May 3: Dr. Gaspard reports that both infants have fully recovered with no sign of lesions anymore. They were active and playful during the observation period. All 17 members of Sabyinyo group were observed and in good visual health.

Baby gorilla eating bamboo

Karema’s infant

Gorilla with arms folded


Adult gorilla with a juvenile

Kampanga with a juvenile

Baby gorilla

Juvenile Icyemezo

Baby gorilla eating

Karema’s infant feeding