By Dr. Martin Kabuyaya

On May 15, 2013 during our routine health check of Lulengo group in Virunga National Park, we observed juvenile Bagambe and performed a veterinary assessment. The rangers reported that Bagambe has had a small mass lesion on the skin of the right upper eyelid for the past several months. However, his general health and vision have not been affected.

Juvenile Bagambe of Lulengo group in Virunga National Park, DRC.

The chronic lesion on the upper right eyelid at the lateral canthus is a circular, smooth mass and with unknown history. The lesion appeared swollen, but limited to the skin. This mass lesion could be a cellular proliferation.  Differentials include infectious (abscess), chronic inflammation (granuloma, foreign body), neoplasia, or more likely a benign proliferation such as a cyst or papilloma. The lesion could cause irritation or vision disturbance if it continues to grow.   

The lesion on juvenile Bagambe’s right eyelid.

Rangers have been instructed to continue with close monitoring and report any case of ocular discharge, squinting, or growth of this mass lesion to Gorilla Doctors.

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