Gorilla Doctors veterinarians new lab equipment

Abaxis’ Baerbel Kohler trains staff on the use of the new microscope donated to Gorilla Doctors.

By Dr. Methode Bahizi

For many years Gorilla Doctors has been extremely fortunate to receive support from Abaxis Europe (Germany), which manufactures clinical laboratory equipment. The portable, patient-side i-STAT machines that Abaxis first donated, which Gorilla Doctors uses to accurately measure blood gas, electrolyte, serum chemistry and hematology in minutes from just a few drops of gorilla blood, have greatly enhanced our ability to provide life-saving critical care during gorilla health emergencies.

Last month, Abaxis’ Bärbel Koehler hand-delivered to Gorilla Doctors two new pieces of equipment: an i-STAT Alignity™ machine, which has a more durable design and robust construction, ideal for outdoor and rugged environments.

“This new iStat machine from Abaxis makes the life-saving work of Gorilla Doctors to help gorillas in their forest home even easier, and more thorough and accurate,” said Dr. Methode Bahizi, Gorilla Doctors’ regional laboratory manager.

As well, Bärbel delivered a new trinocular microscope that is fitted with a camera and computer monitor.

“Our new microscope is a huge asset for our laboratory, as it allows our Gorilla Doctors, researchers, interns, and visiting veterinary students to perform very high-level examinations of gorilla blood, tissues and parasites,” said Dr. Methode.

Gorilla Doctors extends a huge thanks to Bärbel and Abaxis for its incredibly generous support, which helps Gorilla Doctors do an even better job of providing life-saving veterinary care to our endangered gorilla patients in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Methode Noel new Abaxis lab equipment

Smiling faces on Drs. Methode and Dr. Noel after discovering how easy it is to use the iStat Alignity, the latest clinical diagnostic tool donated by Abaxis to Gorilla Doctors.

The Gorilla Doctors would like to thank Abaxis, especially Achim Henkel (Managing Director, Abaxis Europe) and Barbel Kohler (Manager of Business Development, Abaxis Europe).

About Abaxis:

Abaxis’ mission is to supply point of care blood analyzers to the medical market and the veterinarian market. Providing leading edge technology, tools and services that support best medical practices, Abaxis enables physicians and veterinarians to respond to the health needs of their clients while operating economical and profitable practices. Abaxis is headquartered in northern California, USA, and contains operations around the world. www.abaxis.com