Ubuntu with her infant and an older infant.From Dr. Jan: Today I visited Susa group and we found them only 30 minutes inside the wall.  The group was in an open area, eating celery, resting and playing.  We found everyone but the silverback Kiki. I was asked by RDB to try to get photos of female Ubuntu’s one-month-old baby.  It was difficult to get a full face shot as she was keeping the baby close. 

Ubuntu infant has lots of hair.

Ubuntu cleans her baby’s foot while another infant watches.

Ubuntu grooming her infant.

We found female Izuru resting in a nest on the top of some brush, and after watching for some time we discovered a she had a tiny new baby! All we could see was the back of the infant’s head, but this means the group now numbers 30 individuals!

New mom Izuru looking tired with her small infant to the right.

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