On her recent health check with Susa group in Volcanoes National Park, Dr. Jan was able to get some good shots and video footage of female Rumuvu and her twins and the new baby of Rwandarushya. Here is her report:

Susa group feeding.I visited Susa group after a new baby was reported, and there were reports of Kurira coughing last week.  We found the group resting and feeding in the hygenia trees and among the dense vegetation below the trees.   All the individuals were behaving and feeding normally, although three sneezes were heard during my observation period. 

I observed the new twins of Rumuvu, who was grooming her four-year-old. The twins look strong. 


New mother Rwandarushya and her baby.I also saw the new infant of Rwandarushya, who is a very attentive mother.  

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