This blog was written by Dr. Jan.

On March 31 I visited Hirwa group for a routine health check. We found the group at 8:20 am in the area called Rwebeya. They were not far from their night nests, enjoying the sun, and eating the celery and vines that surrounded them.  I was with Safari, the main tracker for this group.

Icyamamare, infant male of Ntamuhezo.All group members were healthy, moving well, and behaving normally.  The group was staying close to a small stream, and we saw two juveniles go to drink from the stream, which is a bit unusual.

A close up of one of the twins.New mother of twins Kabatwa came and sat just in front of tracker Safari and I and we got a good look at both babies. The twins were both strong, clinging well and both were seen nursing contentedly.  Both babies have small lesions on their lips, but these do not seem to be inhibiting them from nursing.  Kabatwa had a lesion at the left side of her mouth that Safari said has been there for 3 days, but again, very superficial and not causing any problems.  They do not look like herpes-like vesicles to me. 

If only Kabatwa had some Jergens lotion.Kabatwe also has some hair loss and dry skin above her left breast, but I suspect this is from then clinging of the infants.   We will keep this under observation.   I did not see Kabatwa eating during my visit, but Safari assured me that she is eating well, and her belly was nice and full.

Kabatwa and her 3 boys.Urwunguko, Kabatwa’s 4 year old son, spent a lot of time with her grooming and sitting close.  Safari told me that Kabatwa sat very near Munyinya, the silverback, one day last week, and he watched the babies closely for some time. Safari said that at one point Munyinya reached out with his index finger and gently poked one of the babies, then sat back and watched them some more.  He must wonder why there are two…   

Here is a video of the twins:


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