On behalf of the entire Gorilla Doctors team, we wish to say a very fond farewell and a huge Thank You to Jessica Burbridge. Jess’s last day with Gorilla Doctors is Monday, November 30.

After three years as our Director of Communications & Marketing, Jess has made the difficult decision to not try to be a full-time communications professional, Masters degree student, and new mother all at the same time.

Jess Burbridge with Hirwa group in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.

Jess Burbridge with Hirwa group in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.

Under Jess’ leadership, Gorilla Doctors’s outreach and social media presence took a gigantic leap forward – we’re now reaching over 75,000 people with our stories and social media efforts, and that number grows every day. Jess crafted beautiful stories about our work and our staff and partners, maintained multiple social media platforms with engaging content every day, and helped connect dozens and dozens of donors to our organization. She oversaw the launch of our new website, and year after year put together a truly stunning annual report. Last but not least, Jess always did a consumate job as our chief point of contact for all media and entertainment inquiries and collaborations.

Jess’s passion for Gorilla Doctors and its mission truly shone through all of her work, and she was an exceptional team member, always quick to commend our field veterinarians for a job well done in the forest, or for taking a beautiful photograph. Fortunately for all of us, Jess will stay close – pinch-hitting whenever we need to lean on her for her expertise, ideas and great eye. Justin Cox and Desiree Aguiar will be picking up the reins – fortunately they’ve been learning from one of the best.

We will miss you Jess! Thanks for being one of Gorilla Doctors’ biggest fans. Most of all, thank you for all you have done for gorillas!


-Kirsten, Mike, and the Gorilla Doctors family.