By Drs. Mike & Kirsten
Regretfully we must share the news this month that Dr. Joost has decided to move on from his position as Regional Coordinator for Gorilla Doctors.

Joost is truly a clinician at heart – he is happiest when he is treating animals and can watch their condition improve as a result of his care.

It’s always good news for mountain and Grauer’s gorilla when there are no ill or injured individuals requiring the attention of our veterinarians – Joost would be the first to agree! But he came to realize how important daily clinical work was for both his professional and personal satisfaction.


We’re grateful for the hard work and energy Dr. Joost gave to Gorilla Doctors since joining our team in August 2015, and wish him and his wife Arum the best of luck with establishing a veterinary practice in Kigali. We’re glad he won’t be far, and will always consider him a part of the Gorilla Doctors family.

Thank you Joost, and best of luck in your future endeavors.