Gorilla Doctors board and staff

Gorilla Doctors board and staff at GDNY 2018

Gorilla Doctors board members were on the East Coast on October 4 for the inaugural “GDNY” benefit event in New York City, chaired by Tim Campbell.  The event netted approximately $80,000 to support Gorilla Doctors work to provide life-saving veterinary care to wild mountain and Grauer’s gorillas in east-central Africa.

It was truly a wonderful night, not only for the show of support, but also for the opportunity to introduce Gorilla Doctors to so many new friends!  -Kirsten Gilardi

GDNY gorilla doctors fundraiser attendees

After cocktails, mingling and exchanges of many gorilla encounter tales among guests, Tim began the program with his life-altering experience seeing gorillas for the first time in Rwanda.  Tim learned about Gorilla Doctors on that trip, and has been a generous supporter ever since.

To come face to face with these majestic creatures, to watch them interact with one another and struggle to survive, their beauty, grace and power is awe inspiring. I knew immediately that I wanted to play a part, however small, in ensuring their survival. –Tim Campbell

Tim’s remarks were followed by Dr. Mike, who spoke on how Gorilla Doctors was started at the request of the late Dian Fossey, who wanted help for her study subjects who were getting caught in poacher’s snares. He shared some personal experiences and the story of the organization’s growth into an international team of Rwandan, Ugandan and Congolese veterinarians caring for mountain and Grauer’s gorillas.

Dian was not able to see the success of what she started with Gorilla Doctors. That success is marked by the remarkable population growth of the mountain gorilla, from less than 250 animals when she was alive, to more than 1,000 today. –Dr. Mike Cranfield

Again, special thanks to Tim Campbell, GDNY chair, and the host committee for rallying friends and colleagues to attend the event and learn more about and support the life-saving work of Gorilla Doctors. Big thanks to GDNY event sponsors Cambria, Studio Tim Campbell, the Chapus Family, Chaz Dean, and Regele Builders.

Gorilla Doctors Africa director Mike Cranfield

Gorilla Doctors Africa Director Mike Cranfield