At Gorilla Doctors, we regularly report on our work helping ill and injured mountain and Grauer’s gorillas with our hands-on veterinary care. But as you know, gorillas help one another all the time, and sometimes, even help Gorilla Doctors! Keep reading to learn more and discover different ways you can get involved and lend Gorilla Doctors a helping hand right from your computer, tablet or phone.

Gorilla Doctors’ spend hours monitoring the health of gorilla family groups and routinely observe their social lives while conducting visual health checks. Gorillas groom one another (see video), play together, and younger members of the group (sub-adults) will often help out by carrying infants.

In one extraordinary story of gorillas helping Gorilla Doctors, a dominant silverback in Virunga National Park ‘protected’ Dr. Eddy during an intervention in 2017. While Dr. Eddy was performing a snare removal on an infant, agitated members of the infant’s family kept charging at Dr. Eddy, ICCN trackers and the intervention protection team until the lead silverback, Bukima, stood between Dr. Eddy and the other gorillas – almost as if the silverback knew Dr. Eddy was there to help! Read the full story.

Dr. Eddy removes a snare from an infant mountain gorilla whilee silverback Bukima (background) observes. Virunga National Park, DRC, 2017. © Gorilla Doctors

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Infant mountain gorilla playing on back of silverback. Mishaya group, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda, 2020. Photo © Skyler Bishop for Gorilla Doctors

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