Behind every successful nonprofit is a dedicated attorney or law firm lending its knowledge and skills to help the organization comply with tax codes and conduct its business with integrity. Gorilla Doctors is very fortunate to have the help of DLA Piper LLP in Baltimore, MD, which has provided its expert services pro bono since 2005.

DLA Piper first started helping the MGVP in 2005 when MGVP was “graduating” from its founding organization, the Morris Animal Foundation, and applying for its own 501(c)3 status with the IRS. DLA Piper continues to help MGVP, Inc. with maintaining its registration as a non-profit organization in Maryland and several other states. DLA Piper has also helped MGVP submit trademark applications, review contracts, and advise on other legal matters as they arise. In all, the legal team at DLA Piper, especially attorneys Matthew F. Gorra and Ryan Compton and paralegal Patti Morrison, have contributed more than $120,000 worth of their services over the last seven years. We greatly appreciate the tremendous and generous support of DLA Piper, a vital member of the Gorilla Doctors team!