A sign advertising the business in Kinyarwanda is put in place.

This blog was written by MGVP volunteer Claire Welsh.

MGVP has supported local alternative fuel briquette entrepreneurs, Mao and Imaculee Umiwana, as they manufacture briquettes made only of recycled paper and sawdust.  Through generous donations, MGVP painted and fixed up the workshop where the briquettes are made and had a sign built and placed along the road advertising the product.

The briquette workshop before being painted.The workshop after being painted.

Many members of the community were already stopping by to learn more about the Alternative Fuel Briquettes as the sign was going up.

Mao painting.

Unlike charcoal, the most common fuel used in the area, which requires the burning of large amounts of wood to produce, fuel briquettes are made from recycled materials like paper and sawdust. The alternative fuel briquettes support an end to the illegal deforestation for charcoal in mountain gorilla habitat.

Mao working in the garden.

If you are in Rwanda trekking gorillas please visit the workshop in Musanze and watch a demonstration of how the briquettes are made. We wish Mao and Imaculee the best of luck as their business grows and improves.

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