Orphaned infant Matabishi, who was rescued in late June after having suspectedly escaped poachers in DRC (http://bit.ly/15Cvegp) is growing stronger every day reports Gorilla Doctors Head Field Vet Dr. Eddy Kambale. Matabishi “is eating lots of vegetation gathered from the forest and loves to drink milk. He is given multivitamins and mineral supplements daily and now weighs 13.5 kg.” 
Orphan Matabishi’s favorite activity is drinking milk.

Male infant Matabishi, exploring his new enclosure at the Senkwekwe Center.

Matabishi and his caretaker Babo Ndakarimaze.

Matabishi and Gorilla Doctors Head DRC Field Vet Dr. Eddy Kambale.

In the neighboring enclosure at Senkwekwe are the trio of female mountain gorilla orphans, Maisha, Ndakasi, and Ndeze. Maisha, who at 10 years old is the eldest of the three, is clearly the dominant gorilla of the group. Six-year-old Ndeze bridges the gap between the superbly confident Maisha and her insecure little “sister” Ndakasi. 

TIME recently published a wonderful story about ranger – caregiver – surrogate gorilla “mother” Andre Bauma and the mountain gorilla orphans at the Senkwekwe Center, whom the Gorilla Doctors provide medical care for: How Congo’s Guerrillas are Hurting Congo’s Gorillas.

Maisha, the oldest orphan mountain gorilla at the Senkwekwe Center.Mountain gorilla orphans Maisha and Ndakasi.

Mountain gorilla orphan Ndeze in her enclosure at the Senkwekwe Center.

The Gorilla Doctors are the dedicated veterinarians for Ndakasi, Ndeze, Maisha, and Matabishi. You can directly support their vital on-going medical care by becoming their Gorilla Orphan GuardianYour one-year Guardianship includes a downloadable photo certificate of your chosen gorilla to proudly display and enjoy on your computer’s desktop. Click here to become a gorilla Orphan Guardian today!