adult female mountain gorilla Malaika watching over her family

Malaika watching over her family

On Wednesday December 13th, Dr. Ricky trekked into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda UWA trackers and guides to conduct a routine health check on the remaining 8 members of Mubare group.

infant mountain gorilla feeding

Nyampanzi’s infant feeding

The group number and dynamics of Mubare group have changed drastically in the past two months following multiple interactions with a neighboring wild group, culminating in the death of the only adult male–silverback Kanyonyi–on December 9th. Four days later, Dr. Ricky observed that adult female Malaika was currently in charge of the group. While the infants appeared to be having a good time playing, the adults were clearly on edge even as they were feeding. Without a blackback or silverback to take the leadership role, the future of Mubare group is uncertain.

infant mountain gorilla playing in tree

Karunygi’s infant playing in a tree

During the health check, Dr. Ricky observed that all individuals were visually healthy except for minor injuries on Malaika and Mitunu sustained during an additional interaction with Rushegura group.

Teams will continue to keep a close eye on the group.