Adult resting in a tree

Adult in the Habinyanja group resting in a tree

On Sunday September 18, 2016 Gorilla Doctors veterinarian Dr. Ricky Okello hiked into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for a routine health check on the Habinyanja group.  Dr. Ricky noticed another wild, unhabituated gorilla group roaming near the Habinyanja group, but the presence of the wild group did not seem to have a significant impact on the behaviors of the habituated group.  Silverback Makara and blackback Kavuyo responded to the wild group with some chest beating but for the most part the gorillas spent their time feeding and playing.

The health of Tweheyo, whose mother disappeared from the group last year, is steadily improving.  While the infant still has an enlarged belly, the condition has improved from what was noted in previous health checks.  With no injuries and no serious health issues, the overall health status of the 17-member Habinyanja group is good.


Kavuyu, a blackback in the Habinyanja group

Juvenile in the Habinyanja group

Juvenile in the Habinyanja group


Juvenile in the Habinyanja group


Ruzombo in the Habinyanja group


Nyabuche and her infant of the Habinyanja group


Makara, the silverback of the Habinyanja group