Tragedy in Pablo Group

By Gorilla Doctors Staff on Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 in Uncategorized.

Last Sunday afternoon I got a call from Joel at Karisoke Research Center. The 2 week old baby of Imvune in Ugenda group was crying a lot, and may have had some blood on his feet. Trackers were worried. I put my pack in the truck and headed up to Bisote, the place where I […]

New baby in Group 13

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We got a call from trackers that Agahozo, a 5 year old male gorilla in Pablo group, was coughing and staying behind the group. This is the season when we begin to worry about respiratory disease in the gorillas – the end of the rainy season. It has been rainy and cool recently, and Pablo […]


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Blog by: Dr. Eddy KambaleMGVP DRC In-Country Field Veterinarian Mapendo, Amani, Kighoma and Ndjingala, the four orphan Grauer’s gorillas who have been living in Goma since they were confiscated from poachers, have moved to a new home in the forest. These four little gorillas have been under the direct care of Gorilla Doctors of the […]

Mountain Gorilla Census 2010

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Blog by: Dr. Jean Felix KinaniMGVP Rwandan In-Country Field Veterinarian How many gorillas live in the Virunga Massif? This is a question that has not been answered since the last census of the habitat in 2003. The Virunga Volcanoes is one of only two locations where mountain gorillas live. The last census in 2003 resulted […]

Cultivating a Model Farm

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Blog by: John Huston Agriculture Project Coordinator – MGVP One Health Program One part of MGVP’s “One Health” approach—the concept of looking at the health of the entire ecosystem including people, domestic animals, and gorillas to help minimize disease transfer between the different groups— is the segment of domestic animal agriculture. Raising livestock, especially cattle, […]

Titus and Bwenge

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It is the rainy season herein Rwanda, and it rained all night. I knew I was headed to the forest the next morning, and hoped the rain might stop for a bit. I lucked out – when I got up that morning it was cool and relatively sunny. I met up with trackers Jean, Isaac […]

Meteo: Part Two

By Gorilla Doctors Staff on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 in Uncategorized.

Meteo is a strong little gorilla. Dr. Jacques returned to Kahuzi Biegi a couple of days after we left him last week, and Meteo continued to do very well. He was eating and behaving normally. His elbow does not fully extend, but that does not seem to bother him. Amazing. Dr. Jacques reported that Meteo’s […]

Meteo: Part One

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There is a large National Park on the south side of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) called Kahuzi Biega. This is a huge protected area that is home to many families of Grauer’s gorillas, several of which are habituated and visited by tourists, now that the area is politically secure again. […]


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The phone rang at 1am, which almost never happens here. It was Sandy, who was staying in Goma, DRC with Ndjingala, our newest Grauer’s gorilla who had been confiscated only a week earlier. Sandy was almost in tears. She had been trying to call and text me for 2 hours but the network was down. […]

Confiscation in Walikale

By Gorilla Doctors Staff on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 in Uncategorized.

We’d been hearing rumors of baby gorillas for sale in Goma for several weeks. When these rumors are true it means, at the very least, that the mother of the infant gorilla in question was killed. And it is even more likely that other gorillas in the family also lost their lives trying desperately to […]