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The phone rang at 1am, which almost never happens here. It was Sandy, who was staying in Goma, DRC with Ndjingala, our newest Grauer’s gorilla who had been confiscated only a week earlier. Sandy was almost in tears. She had been trying to call and text me for 2 hours but the network was down. […]

Confiscation in Walikale

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We’d been hearing rumors of baby gorillas for sale in Goma for several weeks. When these rumors are true it means, at the very least, that the mother of the infant gorilla in question was killed. And it is even more likely that other gorillas in the family also lost their lives trying desperately to […]

Group 13

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Trackers heard Agashya coughing. He is the silverback in Group 13, one of the most popular tourist groups in Rwanda. It was not a bad cough, but Group 13 was due for a routine health check, so I scheduled a visit Agashya the next day to check the cough for myself. It was a cool, […]

Susa group

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Last week I visited Susa group – my first visit to this large group. The group used to be the largest in Rwanda, but recently had a relatively peaceful split. I went to visit Susa A, the larger of the two groups. Susa group also is one of the groups that range the furthest from […]


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By Drs. Jan and Magda Last Friday afternoon Gorilla Doctors learned that Sekanabo, an infant male gorilla in Kabirizi group, was caught in a snare. As always in these situations there were many phone calls to the appropriate authorities within ICCN to get permission to attempt intervention if needed. One of the main ICCN Wardens, […]

Alternative Fuel Helps Gorillas!

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Blog by: John Huston Agriculture Project Coordinator – MGVP One Health Program One of the greatest threats to the mountain gorillas living in Virunga Massif is charcoal. This may sound odd at first, but let me explain the connection. John Huston in Rumangabo investigating fuel briquette technology.  People need a fuel source to heat their […]


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Noel was born on Christmas Eve in 2003. He was nurtured for the first 4 years of his life by a large mountain gorilla family led by his father, Senkwekwe. They foraged peacefully on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes above Bukima, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In the summer of 2007 his […]

New Year’s Day with Kuryama

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Kuryama group had been missing for 2 days.  Sometimes groups do that – they may wander into DRC or move so quickly during or after an interaction with another group that trackers cannot find them.  That must have been the case with Kuryama’s group.  When they were found the morning of New Year’s Eve the […]


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I received an alarming call Thursday morning from Elisabeth, our veterinary technician with RDB (the Rwandan wildlife authority).  There was a 6.5 year old female gorilla in Pablo group with a snare on her left wrist.  Trackers found her trailing a long rope snare in the morning and were able to cut most of the […]

Every year is the “Year of the Gorilla” for us

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Blog by: Dr. Mike Cranfield, Executive Director, MGVP, Inc. and Dr. Kirsten Gilardi, Co-Directors, Mountain Gorilla One Health Program Dr. Mike Cranfield (left) and Dr. Kirsten Gilardi (right) The United Nations designated 2009 as the Year of the Gorilla. With the world’s attention drawn to these magnificent animals, the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP) was […]