Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Gorilla Doctors! We offer volunteer opportunities in the following three areas:

  • Medical and other professionals such as veterinarians, physicians, public health workers, agricultural experts, and engineers.
  • Medical, veterinary and agricultural graduate and undergraduate students wishing to contribute to ongoing research projects.
  • Communications professionals with skills in graphic design, videography, journalism, and web design.

Volunteers do not accompany veterinarians or behavioral researchers into the park because access to mountain gorillas is strictly controlled by the conservation offices of the three countries in which we work. However, there are many other ways in which volunteers can contribute to Gorilla Doctors. For example, Gorilla Doctors is involved in improving domestic animal, wildlife, employee and community health through special initiatives in the areas surrounding the park. Volunteers can be utilized to aid in capacity building of the region. Medical and veterinary technician volunteers may help with gorilla related projects in the lab. Other avenues of volunteerism will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and Gorilla Doctors may direct an interested person to another one of our collaborators who may be a better fit.

Gorilla Doctors does not have funding to support volunteers or for specific projects. Volunteers are responsible for their round trip flight to Kigali, ground transport to/from Kigali to Musanze and $20/day (or $100/week) room and board (includes breakfast and lunch) while staying at the Gorilla Doctors compound in Musanze. The compound is simple but comfortable with electricity and plumbing, and intermittent internet access. Volunteers are advised to bring an additional $25-100/week to cover costs of local transportation, meals outside the compound, and miscellaneous purchases. Volunteers are encouraged to see the gorillas while they are here by booking a trek with a tour company; the fee is $1,500.

Medical Volunteer:

If you are interested in volunteering for a minimum of 4 weeks, please email a letter of intent (which should specify interests or project ideas, and any available funding to ensure project implementation), a copy of your resume, and 3 letters of recommendation to and Gorilla Doctors Executive Director, Dr. Kirsten Gilardi at Application deadlines are January 1 and July 1 of each year.

Communications Volunteer:

If you are interested in volunteering in a communications capacity for Gorilla Doctors, please contact us at

We also always welcome funds to help support our effort, since the medical care of gorillas is extremely expensive. Donations can most easily be made at