This month, our newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers proved that small donations could make a big difference for the Gorilla Doctors. Thanks to donations made by nearly 40 Gorilla Doctors supporters in just three weeks our team will be receiving DSLR camera kits from Nikon.

Our veterinarians photograph their patients not only because the gorillas are captivating subjects, but because they can document gorillas’ health problems and make better diagnoses. That’s what led some donors, like Diane Christofferson of Maui, Hawaii, to make a contribution: “I want the Gorilla Doctors to be able to photograph the gorillas in detail so that if an assessment is needed away from the site, it can be better made.” 

This month, for example, Dr. Dawn was able to photograph the swollen tongue of the female Kunama and send the image to human doctors in the U.S. for their expert opinions on possible causes and recommended treatments for the gorilla’s ailment.

Of course, being able to share photographs of the gorillas and our work helps us to raise awareness about the plight of mountain and Grauer’s gorillas and the need to protect them. 

“I decided to support the camera campaign because I feel that we can connect people with animals through photos,” says donor Fran Mandeville of Durham, New Hampshire. “[Gorilla Doctors] photos and videos show the world how amazing and beautiful the gorillas are.  Most people would not have a chance to see these gentle giants up close, so it makes it even more important to connect them through photos and videos. If people can connect with the gorillas, then they will support efforts to save them from extinction.”

Our communications officer Molly Feltner will bring the cameras to Africa in early September so the veterinarians can begin using them. We look forward to sharing the resulting photographs in future newsletters and Facebook posts.

Thanks to everyone for their generous support!

You can follow the Gorilla Doctors health monitoring efforts on our Facebook page, where we post photos and notes from our monthly visits.

Please consider supporting us by making a secure online donation. Every dollar you give goes to directly supporting our gorilla health programs and One Health initiative. Thank you for your generosity.