The first year of life is full of challenges when trying to grow into a strong, healthy gorilla in the wild! The greatest threats to infant mountain gorillas are trauma (e.g. snares, injuries) and illness, and health threats to infants can have population level impact over time1. In the case of endangered mountain gorillas where there are only an estimated 1,063 remaining, every individual life is essential to the long-term survival of the species.

Infant Mugeni from Kwitonda group, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, 2018.

Gorilla Doctors is the only organization in the world dedicated to providing life-saving veterinary care to mountain and Grauer’s gorillas in the wild. When a gorilla is ill or injured or caught in a snare, Gorilla Doctors intervenes to save our gorilla patient’s life. Just last year Dr. Ricky and the Uganda Wildlife Authority rescued Tulambule, an infant mountain gorilla caught in a snare. It was a harrowing 12-hour intervention that ended with Tulambule being safely reunited with her gorilla family.

Infant Tulambule from Nyakagezi group, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda, 2019.

Another example of the long-term impact of Gorilla Doctors health monitoring of infants is Iragi, a now adult Grauer’s gorilla who was also caught in a snare as a young gorilla. Thanks to Dr. Eddy and the ICCN team’s quick response, Iragi (which means ‘Lucky’ in Congolese) was released from the snare without injury and just one-year ago had her first baby!

Dr. Eddy removes a snare from Iragi’s arm in 2013, Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DR Congo.

Gorilla Doctors currently monitors the health of a total of 174 infants from ages 0 – 3.5 years-old across Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. Of this total number, there are 56 who are 1-year-old or younger and we have just launched our first ever fundraiser across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to cover one-month of health monitoring for these 56 babies. Health monitoring, on average, costs $5 per day, per infant so one month of care for just these 56 babies is $8,400 – for all 174 infants it is $26,100. We recognize that this is a challenging time but we hope you will consider a $5 donation to help give these infants grow into strong, healthy adults.

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1Hassell, et al. (2017). American Journal of Primatology 79: e22686