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By Dr. Ricky Okello

A new baby has been born to the Rushegura group in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The baby, a male, is not yet named, but we’ll be sure to let you know when that changes. The mother, Kibande, delivered the baby on the night of January 3, just one day after her 34th birthday.

The new addition means there are now 15 members in Rushegura group: 1 silverback, 3 blackbacks, 4 adult females, 1 sub-adult male, 3 juveniles and 3 infants.

GD_Ricky_ADF & INF_Munyana and her Infant_Rushegura_BINP_160115-JC

By Dr. Ricky Okello

The behaviours of the group members were normal, according to Uganda Field Veterinarian Dr. Ricky Okello, who visited the group on January 15 to perform a routine health check.

“We found all the individual members of the group feeding in the early morning,” he wrote. “They then rested 45 minutes after our arrival as we monitored their other activities. Kibande cuddled and carried the baby closely on her belly. The newborn was visible with normal activity and body parameters.”

— Justin Cox

GD_Ricky_INF_Kibande's Infant_Rushegura_BINP_160115 (2)-JC

By Dr. Ricky Okello