On Wednesday January 18, 2017 Gorilla Doctors veterinarian Dr. Ricky Okwir and a team of rangers, guides, and support staff hiked into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for a routine health check on the Rushegura group.  They found the gorillas resting and feeding near a hydroelectric power station in Buhoma.

The composition and dynamics of the group have changed since their last routine health check.  Adult females Businza, Kibande, and Ruterana gave birth to healthy babies; Kanywani is now a blackback; and Kalembezi is turning into a silverback.  Recent power struggles between silverback Kabukojo and Kalembezi resulted in minor injuries between the two members but otherwise the overall health status of Rushegura group is good.  Enjoy the beautiful photos taken by Dr. Ricky!


Kafuruka, a blackback in the Rushegura group

GD_Ricky_INF_Kibande's Infant_Rushegura_BINP_20170111_logo

Kibande’s infant playing in a tree


Kabukojo, dominant silverback in the Rushegura group

GD_Ricky_Various age groups_Many individuals_Rushegura_BINP_20170111_logo

Feeding together

GD_Ricky_INF_Buzinza's Infant_Rushegura_BINP_20170111_logo

Buzinza’s infant


Kalembezi, black back turning into a silverback in the Rushegura group

GD_Ricky_INF_Ruterana's Infant_Rushegura_BINP_20170111_logo

Ruterana’s infant