Gorilla Doctors Directors Drs. Mike Cranfield and Kirsten Gilardi with Chef Pru Mendez in front of Tucos Restaurant in Davis, CA.

On Wednesday, September 24th, Tucos Restaurant in Davis, CA hosted a special evening for Gorilla Doctors. “Small Plates, Big Thanks,” was a chance to honor and appreciate current Gorilla Doctors supporters and reach out to new ones. Pru Mendez (Owner and Chef) prepared a special themed menu of hors d’oeuvres featuring bamboo shoots (gorilla food!) and tasty African wines. Gorilla Doctors Co-Directors Dr. Mike Cranfield and Dr. Kirsten Gilardi updated guests on some of the challenges and triumphs of the program. Gorilla Doctors Advisory Board members Deborah Dunham and Jonna Mazet joined our guests as did Science Advisors Ray Wack and Kelly Stewart.  

“The evening was such a great way to celebrate the people who make Gorilla Doctors possible,” said Gilardi. “ Being able to thank our donors for their support, and to make new friends for the program — it was a great night!”

Before the evening was over, guests were already buzzing about planning another event soon. In wrapping, Gilardi said “A special thanks to Chef Pru Mendez for dreaming up the evening and then making it a reality. We can’t wait to do it again!”

Director Dr. Mike Cranfield, Chef Pru Mendez, Development Assistant Desiree Aguiar and Gorilla Doctors board member Deborah Dunham.