Every day that our Gorilla Doctors are in the forest to check on the health of mountain and Grauer’s gorillas, we are reminded about why we do our work: these animals are magnificent and inspiring, and their conservation and well-being is our #1 goal.

But sometimes, a very special reminder comes along that confirms that our mission is critical, and making a difference.

On Thursday January 18th, Dr. Eddy trekked into Virunga National Park to perform a health check on Humba group, accompanied by two park rangers and a tracker.

Dr. Eddy and his colleagues found the Humba group resting not far from the Gatovu ranger post. To their wonderful surprise,  adult female Bonane was holding a newborn infant, still with its umbilical cord. Silverback Humba was staying close to Bonane and was very protective of the baby gorilla, keeping a close eye on Dr. Eddy and the team during their visit.

Why was it particularly thrilling to see Bonane thriving and with a healthy new baby? Because it was just two years ago that our veterinary team treated her for a serious injury on her elbow. Dr. Martin treated Bonane with antiobiotics and pain relievers to help the wound heal infection-free. Had Gorilla Doctors not been there to help Bonane, perhaps she would have become seriously ill from her wound, and unable to become pregnant and deliver a healthy new mountain gorilla for the world.

Bonane’s baby was a perfect example why we do our work…Gorilla Doctors is helping to save a species, one beautiful new gorilla at a time!

With all of you, we look forward to watching Bonane raise her new baby!

Thanks for supporting our work.